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Balance, Refocus & Reset

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My Approach

As a professional woman of color, I understand how hard it can be to keep it together, and the desire to have a place to just sit and be. My goal is to offer you that space. Whether it’s helping you organize your thoughts, set your plan in motion towards your goals, or providing a place to breathe and move your body mindfully with care, let’s work together to make it happen. Together we explore and find the tools and skills that work best for you, allowing you to make the mental, behavior and physical shifts to find the balance and success you desire. I offer individual and group services in the form of coaching, workshops, classes and retreats. My yoga approach is gentle, focusing on releasing tension, creating space, and challenging your body to where it is willing to go, with honor and respect, enhancing your mind-body connection. Reach out and schedule a consult, let’s see how I can support you on this journey.

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Enjoy A Gentle Seated Practice

We strongly recommends that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise or breathwork program. Before taking this prerecorded class remember to think about your current level of physical health and whether you are able to participate in exercise.

We ask that you also be mindful of the space that you have around you. When exercising at home, make sure to give yourself 3-6 feet of open space on every side, and make sure to pick up all objects of the floor that could present a trip hazard.


Please understand that when participating in any exercise or physical activity program there is a possibility of physical injury, and choosing to engage in this exercise or exercise program is done so at your own risk.


If the activity seems too rigorous for you, please take a break. You are encouraged to move at a pace that feels comfortable for you at all times.


Coming Up Next

Check out our upcoming events

Self Care Saturday
Self Care Saturday
Dec 16, 2023, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
14017 Telegraph Rd,
14017 Telegraph Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192, USA


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Slow Flow Yoga


A gentle yoga flow, allowing you to slow down, and enjoy a few breaths while you lengthen and create space. You are encouraged to find the expression that works best for you, honoring your body, finding ease as you challenge yourself throughout the flow.

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Sound Bath

Private and Group Sessions

Immerse yourself in a sensory experience that promotes rest, recharge and rejuvenation. You will be guided through some breathing exercises, as sound is introduces to ease you into the bath of crystal and Tibetan/Himalayan bowls. Additional instruments are used throughout the session to allow for a unique experience each and every time.


Intention Setting

Group and Individual Sessions

Different intuitive tools and methods are used to help guide the group/individual towards setting their intention, visualizing a plan and identifying tools to empower and motivate through the journey. 
Intuitive tools used are based on client's comfort level. Tools available: crystals, tarot, smudging, vison boards, affirmations, oracle cards, and moon intention setting.

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Private Parties

Wellness Experience

Looking for a relaxing group experience for your crew? Let's chat!
Together we can tailor a self care night, weekend or retreat experience unique to your group. Incorporate our services at your next bridal shower, baby shower, girls night, or Soul Care Sunday group ;)

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Events and Conferences


Looking for a speaker or facilitator for an upcoming event promoting self care, wellness, work life balance? I'm your girl! I'm available for speaking engagements as a presenter, panelist, hands on facilitator or to guide participants through a full on workshop.
Check out offerings or reach out to schedule a brief consultation to share your vision and see how I can enhance your events experience.

Get in Touch

8401 Dorsey Circle #102

Manassas, VA 20110

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